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As an Emotional Educator, I guide my clients to travel back
to their hearts and live full, joyful lives.
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You’re Fearless and Confident.
Carefree, Thriving, Healthy and you know – with absolute certainty – what you want.
You’re on the Right Path.
Respected. Admired. Loved.

Yes, You. You Are All That.

It’s just that you’ve forgotten who you really are and what you want.

It probably happened without you even noticing. The loss of identity. The constant worry, pain, the dis-ease. The ways you dismissed your own needs or tried to manage the constant ups and downs. You’ve abandoned yourself in the same ways your family’s abandoned you.

That All Ends Now.

Discover Your True Identity. Who You Really Are.

Not the one that has been hiding behind the shadows of sickness and internal chaos. But the one that has been waiting to show up and be the person you’ve known is inside all along.

I’ve been where you are. For years, I lived in a prison of pain and disappointment. Whether it was my debilitating health problems or the constant ups and downs of my family relationships, I felt drained and had no idea that there was another way.

When you decide to begin your journey of inner healing, your outer world will change.

Maybe you’re estranged from your closest relationships. Or perhaps you’re suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease. You look for a cure. You numb. You fight. How’s that working for you?

Life doesn’t have to be defined by abandonment or disease. The truth is that when you finally stop fighting, face the music and discover how you’ve bought in to your own sick or broken identity – things begin to change.

Stop feeding your wounds.

Let go of unhealthy patterns and limiting thoughts. Discover what it means to face life’s hurdles and jump over them instead of giving up in defeat. When you work with me you’ll learn to care deeply for yourself and take steps forward you never thought possible.

I want you to imagine what it might be like to really become:


You know deep down that there’s more than this. Work with me and discover an inspiring new you.

You are Not Alone.

Shari Coltune

Autoimmune Awareness Coaching

When you struggle with chronic dis-ease, simple everyday tasks are a challenge. Finding joy and peace seem like a luxury or a distant memory. Being sick is not only how you feel, but who you become. For many years, I struggled with autoimmune issues, until I learned how important setting healthy boundaries were for my health. Let me show you the key to unlocking your emotional and physical well-being.

Estrangement Coaching

Estrangement is so common, yet it feels like you have no one to talk to or share your pain. You blame yourself, you blame the other person and you feel deeply disappointed. Holding on to the pain has become unbearable and you’re ready to find deep acceptance you’re your situation and yourself. I’ve been where you are and know what it’s like to feel alone. I promise you – you’re not alone. Let me show you how to heal overcome the loss and separation that comes from estrangement through my coaching and Beyond the Break Workshops.

The next Beyond the Break: Estrangement Support Group

to be announced

Spaces are limited so that this group may remain safe and intimate for sharing.

Identity Coaching

You dream of being comfortable in your own skin. Knowing that it is completely safe to be authentic you without always having to put on a mask. Instead of living your life according to other’s expectations, learn the tools to help you express your voice, set boundaries and gain confidence. Let me show you what I discovered, how to own all of your qualities without apology or shame.


Your body can heal itself. Reiki is a simple and powerful tool to help support you in achieving all of your wellness goals. Using time-tested methods, Reiki provides immediate healing and can help you shift your energy. Whether you’re feeling pain or simply want support to help you move toward your vision and goals, Reiki is extremely beneficial for whatever area we work on together.


Client Testimonials

  • I am one of Shari’s Shadow Coaching clients and have had an amazing experience working with her. She masterfully guided me through a ten week program of learning and adapting a new outlook on myself and how I relate to others. Every week Shari began our session with expressions of enthusiasm, support and encouragement for my progress, and adeptly kept me focused on the tasks at hand. She made me understand and love the Shadow Coaching process, and I am adapting it into my everyday outlook on life, as well as in my own work as a Career Coach. I highly recommend Shari and would be glad to provide further insights.

    Anne Piecoro Gilsten
  • It’s been my pleasure to know Shari Coltune for several years as a colleague in the Integrative Coaching field, but it was divine intervention that led me to seek her out as a coach to lead me through Healing your Heart Coaching. I had become aware that I had a deeply ingrained pattern of attracting and clinging onto unhealthy and self-destructive men in my intimate relationships. This work encouraged me to look back into my past to discover a relationship with one of my stepfathers as a root cause of this pattern. Shari was highly recommended, and I was lucky to contract with her as my Healing your Heart Coach. Her professionalism and skill are beyond reproach, but in my opinion Shari possesses an intuitive prowess that cannot be taught, only cultivated. She consistently created safety through her attention to detail and in the sacred space she created on our calls I was supported to open up to new levels of love and compassion for myself. As a result, I am consciously creating new types of relationships and I’m filled with excitement about the future. I can see why she was so highly recommended, and I concur as I cannot recommend her highly enough.

    Wendy S.

Certifications & Techniques

Certified Emotional Educator.

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