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Do you remember those moments, when you were just a child, feeling angry, helpless and not knowing what to do with it? You’d clench your fists and hold your breath until the feeling would slowly fade away. With no outlet and no guidance, you learned to cope with difficult emotions by pushing them inside until you could no longer feel. Shutting out the world as a way to protect yourself from being hurt again.

To this day, whenever I’m angry, I still have to remind myself to breathe.

Pain, chaos and family disruption can make you sick.

It did for me. I grew up in a household where taking sides and separation were common. Lines were drawn in the sand and love was tested. I also suffered because I felt different from the rest of my family, so stuffing down my emotions and hiding my true self became second nature to me. I wanted to be accepted.

The result? I spent much of my young life doubting my choices and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease. I struggled with my health and self-esteem. Worse, as my confidence suffered, my closest relationships suffered and because I was on a constant roller coaster with those I loved most, I felt like I lost any connection with who I really was.

It wasn’t until one day when I was sitting on the couch, sick and unable to do the things I once cherished, that I finally had the courage to heal.

Feeling ashamed, sick and tired of ignoring all the unhealthy patterns, I enrolled myself in and attended a Shadow Process workshop run by renowned author and teacher Debbie Ford. It was there, I discovered that all of the things bothering me in my outer world – like shame, resentment, anxiety, sickness, rage, suspicion and more needed to be healed in my inner world first. The more I learned to accept and start to like all of who I was, the more I could finally feel true personal connection.

And that was the key: daring to look at my inner dis-ease allowed me to discover and make peace with my outer dis-ease. By gaining clarity and acceptance, I could finally surrender to the flow of my life and cherish the wisdom and lessons from my life events and relationships – especially the strained ones.

My inner healing also allowed me to finally heal and recover physically. I now am able to do things I never imagined – like training for and running several half marathons! I learned to trust myself deeply – including my intuitive abilities – helping me set boundaries and honor my own personal needs.

My intention is to support you in discovering who you are beyond the illness, beyond the pain and beyond the break.

As a Master Certified Integrative Life Coach and an Intuitive Healer, my passion is to give back what I have received. By working with individuals who are struggling with the things that once held me back: autoimmune disease, estrangement and the consequential loss of identity, I am able to achieve my remarkable mission of helping you discover and accept your true self.

I work with individuals and am proud to share with groups my unique Beyond the Break Estrangement Workshops – supporting people beyond the shame of estrangement. As a Mentor and as an Assistant Coach at the Shadow Process Three Day Workshops across the country, I continue to show others what it means to bring light to those places we’ve kept hidden from even ourselves.

Let me show you how to release your pain and heartache.

It would be my honor to work with you.

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