Autoimmune Coaching: Heal Yourself

You’re sick. That’s your identity, who you’ve become.

Your life defined by an autoimmune disease that’s not only attacking your body, but taking over your life.

I know how you feel. You’re also tired. Tired of feeling sick, managing your symptoms, hiding in shame, and having to rely on others to help you manage even simple tasks.


For years, being sick defined who I was and what I could do. Trapped in a perpetual cycle of fear, stress, illness, and recovery, I could only dream about what it meant to feel healthy and deserving of a good life.

I was constantly crabby and believed that this was who I was always destined be. I didn’t recognize that my autoimmune disease was actually calling me, begging me, to start really taking back my life. To stop holding my breath and see that if I didn’t stop stuffing down my emotions, that I would only get sicker.

Promote Healing by Setting Healthy Boundaries

When you’re perpetually sick, you don’t realize how important it is to set boundaries. You rely on others so much that it doesn’t even dawn on you that you have the right to say no or let other’s know when something isn’t ok with you. The guilt holds you back and the stress only makes you sicker.

Setting even the smallest boundary allowed me to build confidence and begin to express some of the very emotions that had been buried and were making me sicker. It allowed me to feel and discover a new voice that had been hidden by years of discomfort and pain.

Give Your Emotions a Voice.

When you work with me, you’ll gain tools you need to set healthy boundaries and release the emotions that establish dis-ease. By giving yourself permission to feel, you’ll discover how to release toxicity and reclaim your right to healthy living.

Breakthrough Shadow Coaching™

Breakthrough your limits and discover a Healthy Identity.

In 10 weeks, be prepared to unblock the limitations that have held you back from living a full life.

You’ll learn:

  • How to Identify and Release Toxic Emotions
  • Break Patterns and Habits that No Longer Serve You
  • Create Healthy Boundaries
  • Make Powerful New Choices
  • Free Yourself from Dis-Ease

In weekly 60-75 minute calls, we’ll work together to create achievable goals for healthy living and provide you with tools to breakthrough to a brand new identity – one where you can thrive and feel good. All coaching is confidential.

Are You Ready to Move from Resignation to Inspiration?

Sign up for a one-hour complimentary coaching session. I work with committed and motivated people who are finally ready to let go of their sick identity and be free of their pain.

Heal Your Heart Coaching™

Physical Dis-Ease can devastate your relationships. Not just with others, but with yourself. Being sick doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to healthy, thriving relationships – especially the one with yourself. Heal Your Heart Coaching will help you heal the pain caused by your illness and rediscover love.

In 13 weeks, you’ll discover how to:

  • Love Yourself Just as You Are
  • Redefine Healthy Relationships
  • Heal the Wounds of Your Past
  • Understand the Link Between Your Emotions and Your Health

Based on the best selling books Spiritual Divorce and The Right Questions by world renowned author Debbie Ford, Heal Your Heart will help you realize unconditional love and healthy future filled with confidence and joy. Through weekly 60-75 minute calls, we’ll work together to release your pain and unlock a brighter future.

Are You Ready to Truly Heal?

Sign up for a one-hour complimentary coaching session. I work with committed and motivated people who are finally ready to let go of their sick identity and be free of their pain.

Six Steps to Setting Healthy Boundaries
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