Heal. Relax. Restore.

Reiki is a 2500-year-old technique that restores the body’s ability to heal itself. By balancing your own life-force energy, you’ll relax and releases stress so your body can do what it was designed to do – heal and repair.

The Way It Works.

As a certified Reiki Master, I work with your aura and energy to help you get to that optimal meditative state of relaxation that promotes regeneration. Simple yet powerful, Reiki works by allowing Reiki energy flow through my hands into you – allowing you to connect to your own source. Using a series of hand movements on or near the body, each session is uniquely designed to heal your illness or emotional pain.

It can work alone or with other kinds of treatments and will help you feel a sense peace, safety, calm, balance and renewed vitality.

Whether it is performed live or remotely, Reiki provides immediate benefits for most clients. You’ll remain clothed and can be either lying down or seated. Sessions last from about 60 minutes.

How To Begin.

Whether you’re suffering from autoimmune issues, chronic dis-ease, side effects from treatment or emotional pain, Reiki can help you heal.

Remote Reiki Healing Session (15 min on Friday’s Only): $ 35.00

For On-Site Reiki, please email me for scheduling and pricing information.

What my clients have to say:

It was a blessing and an honor to receive remote reiki healing from Shari. Shari is an example of how a person with a positive intention can help provide healing to anyone no matter where they are in the world. Healing transcends time and space and I for one felt the benefits of Shari’s remote session. I felt lighter, more energized and definitely happier. Her session made a clear difference in my life and it is with pleasure that I recommend Shari to anyone who is in need of healing of this nature.

Fahran Dhalla

My sessions with Shari leave me feeling more peaceful, relieved and a deep sense of being supported.

Linda Perry

I had always wondered about this moving energy called reiki.. With Shari it was the most wonderful experience.. I felt calmer and at peace with myself. I am now so fond of reiki I highly recommend this for anyone.. The peace and relaxation you will receive from it is priceless …


Shari used the Reiki technique to help heal an area of my body where I was experiencing pain, irritation, and pruritus. I was somewhat skeptical at first as she would be performing her work long distance and pharmaceutical creams had previously failed to improve the ailment on their own. However, after a few Reiki treatments, I noticed a significant improvement that led to the issue being fully resolved. Shari was very kind, calming, and sensitive. I highly recommend her!


I have received many Reiki healing from Shari and during various scenarios in my life. Whether it was for an energy boost to lift me out of a depression, or for a physical healing, she always gives me exactly what I need in that moment. She creates a safe space to receive the healing and I trust wholeheartedly her intuitive guidance.
I highly recommend Shari for those struggling in the emotional and/or psychical pain.


Certified Life Coach

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