Heal Your Heart Coaching

Heal Your Heart, Heal Yourself.

Every disappointment. Every illness.
Every transition contains valuable 
lessons for you to grow and find love.


Even though you can’t see it, the pain and distress you feel right now can help you find more compassion, more joy and more peace than you’ve ever felt before.

Heal Your Heart Coaching™ is a 13-week proven transformational journey that will help you release the old unresolved pain from past relationships that cause blocked emotions and even illness. Become a stronger and healthier you by freeing yourself from the shame and frustrations that keep you glued to your past stories, pains and identity.

Most of us don’t recognize that the pain we feel comes from holding onto our past stories and our past hurts. We think that if we hold on, that we’ll protect ourselves from getting hurt again. But, the more we hold on – the more we keep ourselves stuck.

If you really want to live your life fully – knowing who you are, what you want and how to really find deep relationships – you have to learn the lessons and find the gifts your relationships are here to bring.

Heal Your Heart is based on the best selling books The Right Questions and Spiritual Divorce by Debbie Ford. In this 13-week program you’ll discover Seven Spiritual Laws to help you realize a new future filled with love, health and purpose.

Your relationships and circumstances are offering you an opportunity for deep healing.

Gain important skills that will help you:

  • Accept everything exactly as it is.
  • Set healthy boundaries that build confidence
  • Make powerful choices aligned with your vision
  • Unlock deep compassion for yourself and others
  • Free yourself of negative patterns
  • Find love like you’ve never had before.

In weekly 60-75 minute calls, we’ll work together to create achievable goals for healthy, happy living and provide you with tools to heal your heart and find deep and lasting love. All coaching calls are confidential.

Heal Your Heart Coaching™ is for anyone experiencing divorce, personal loss, transitions, identity or health issues. If you are ready to experience a healthy, real relationship with yourself and others, Heal Your Heart Coaching™ will unlock that possibility.

Sign up for a one-hour complimentary coaching session. I work with committed and motivated people who are finally ready to let go of their pain, heartache, sick identity and be free of what burdens you. Freedom is a click away!

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