Break Through Shadow Coaching

Breakthrough Your Shadows, Breakthrough to A Fear-less, Authentic You.

Think of a beach ball. No matter how hard you work to keep it under water, it always pops back up. That’s how shadows work in our life. No matter how much we try and push away the parts of ourselves we deny, don’t like or aren’t even aware are running our life; they pop up.

Our angry self shows up at the wrong time. We sabotage our dreams right as we’re about to get everything we want. We limit how much joy, health and peace we’re allowed to have in life. That’s how the shadow works.

Breakthrough Shadow CoachingTM is about bringing our shadows into our awareness and shifting the patterns, behaviors and thoughts that keep us from having the things we say we want.

In 10 weeks, be prepared to unblock the limitations that have held you back from living a full life.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify and Shift Limiting Beliefs
  • Act instead of React
  • Break Patterns and Habits that No Longer Serve You
  • Create Healthy Boundaries
  • Make Powerful New Choices
  • Free Yourself from Dis-Ease
  • Set Goals that Move You Toward Your Life Vision

In weekly 60-75 minute calls, we’ll work together to create achievable goals for healthy, happy living and provide you with tools to breakthrough to a true you – one where you can thrive and feel authentic. All coaching is confidential.

Breakthrough Shadow Coaching™ is ideal for anyone who:

  • Tried therapy, but is no longer seeing the kind of results they were hoping for.
  • Wants some greater accountability and is ready to move forward in a big way.
  • Is ready to heal old wounds that keep you stuck
  • Wants happier flourishing relationships
  • Is ready to feel healthy and hopeful.

Coaching Begins With Commitment and Willingness.

Sign up for a one-hour complimentary coaching session. I work with committed and motivated people who are finally ready to let go of their sick identity and be free of their pain.

Six Steps to Setting Healthy Boundaries
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