Transition Coaching: Embrace Your Journey

You’ve just found out your spouse wants a divorce.
You lost your job.
Your youngest child just left for college.
Your partner is cheating on you and you just don’t know what to do.
Your life is in transition.

Sometimes there is nothing scarier than not knowing where you’re going or what’s coming next. Fear takes over and what once seemed all planned out, now lacks direction. It’s like your inner compass isn’t pointing in any direction – it just keeps spinning.

Our natural instinct is just to make it all better. To find the next job, the next spouse, the next thing that’s going to keep us busy. But, it doesn’t work – we just keep spinning, stuck right where we are; frozen with fear and no faith in our future.

What if the fear, pain and confusion you’re experiencing is here to unlock a better future?

When you experience difficulties such as divorce, job loss or even a child going off to college, your life is calling you to go within. Instead of holding your breath through the tough stuff, you can change your outer world by exploring the emotions, patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from fully experiencing the beauty and lessons of this moment.

Learn how you can use this time to gain understanding and how to act instead of react to your circumstances. Release the blame and anger that is only hurting you and begin to move forward with purpose and understanding.

Your transition is part of your unique journey. Embrace it.

Life Coaching can show you how redirect your internal compass so you can heal and create more purpose and joy. Rather than expending your energy on all of the “if only I would’ve” thoughts, discover how to accept your circumstances and take greater responsibility for where you’re going.

When you coach with me, you’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize the signs of resistance and release negative thoughts
  • Trust in a better future
  • Create effective boundaries with yourself and others
  • Become aware of patterns and behaviors
  • Let go of fear and find direction

Gain the structure to move powerfully forward and overcome fear with confidence and courage.
Coaching is about commitment and a willingness to change. All coaching sessions take place over the phone and are completely confidential. I am a certified Breakthrough Shadow Coach and Heal Your Heart Coach. During our initial consultation we together determine which model will help you transform your life.

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