Everyone hates the “ex”, right?

Everyone hates the “ex”, right? I was blaming, and righteously shaming their character. Blinded by my anger, I felt victimized.

I was unconsciously driven by the drama, comfortable living in the discomfort. Every waking minute I spent dwelling and obsessing. My home life, as well as my health, began to suffer. I was out of integrity with my true self, and something had to give.

Sound familiar?

All of this began to shift one day while watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. She had interviewed NY Times Best Selling Author Debbie Ford, who talked about the Shadow, and her movie, The Shadow Effect. Feeling completely inspired, I had to meet this woman because I knew this was the path to my healing….. So it began…. Through this powerful work I started recognizing how both exes were the catalyst for me to see myself. They would become the unlikely gifts for my healing. Seeing in them what I couldn’t see in myself.

My journey of self-awareness would eventually lead to forgiveness. Stepping into the process of Healing Your Heart coaching, allowed me to find compassion for my ex husband and my husband’s ex, I was then able to strengthen my relationship with my step kids and have a stronger famly unit as a result. This can happen for you too. Where you once were fueled by anger, you can now be fueled by love and compassion.

I guarantee this work works, I invite you to explore what could be available to you by simply being honest with yourself and be willing to be open to all the endless possibilities for your life. In addition to being Certified in Heal your Heart Coaching, I am also a Certified Step-Family Foundation Facilitator. It would be an honor to work with you. To learn more and schedule a complimentary healing session contact me or my website www.sharicoltune.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

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