Wendy S.

It’s been my pleasure to know Shari Coltune for several years as a colleague in the Integrative Coaching field, but it was divine intervention that led me to seek her out as a coach to lead me through Healing your Heart Coaching. I had become aware that I had a deeply ingrained pattern of attracting and clinging onto unhealthy and self-destructive men in my intimate relationships. This work encouraged me to look back into my past to discover a relationship with one of my stepfathers as a root cause of this pattern. Shari was highly recommended, and I was lucky to contract with her as my Healing your Heart Coach. Her professionalism and skill are beyond reproach, but in my opinion Shari possesses an intuitive prowess that cannot be taught, only cultivated. She consistently created safety through her attention to detail and in the sacred space she created on our calls I was supported to open up to new levels of love and compassion for myself. As a result, I am consciously creating new types of relationships and I’m filled with excitement about the future. I can see why she was so highly recommended, and I concur as I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Six Steps to Setting Healthy Boundaries
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